E-coat, also known as electrocoat, electropaint and electrophoretic paint is an organic finish which is applied on conductive material such as steel, aluminum, brass, die cast, stainless steel etc.

The E-coat finish can be applied as a primer or top coat and will provide exceptional corrosion protection. It is widely used in the automotive, electrical, marine and other industries where high performance coatings are required.

The E-coat process is automatic, controllable and extremely efficient, depositing uniform coating on all surfaces and deep recesses and can be applied to assembled and complex shaped parts.

JEMS Coating operates two E-coat lines:

       Side Arm system E-coat line
       This line has capabilities to process from very small to 24?x 24?x 69”parts.

       Monorail system E-coat line
       This line has capabilities to process parts up to 24?x 60?x 89?

JEMS E-coat process is environmentally friendly free of lead and hexavalent chromium

We are listed as an Approved Supplier on Daimler Chrysler PS-7232 E-coat process specification

Our material supplier is PPG. The paint used on our E-coat lines is Powercron P590-534.

For more information on Process and Film properties click on http://www.ppg.com/car_indcoat/electro.htm

Production hours:   5 days a week 24 hours a day Monday to Friday.
Office hours:   Monday to Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.